CZUR Professional Document Scanner ET18-P, Fast Recognition Scanner, 18MP High Definition, A3 Size Capture, 186 Languages OCR, Patented “Laser-Based Image Flattening” Technology

Price: $525.00 - $420.00
(as of Oct 11,2022 09:40:14 UTC – Details)

Introducing CZUR’s most advanced technology, “Laser-Based Image Flattening”, has been applied to the latest scanner product. A method of flattening a laser-based image of a curved book page is applicable to an image acquisition device and a laser generation device in a scanning platform or fixed at a scanning platform. The method comprises the following steps: opening a book on a horizontally arranged scanning platform, and emitting to a book page a laser beam, the laser beam forming a horizontal laser line on the curved book page; acquiring a flat image of the curved book page having thereon the horizontal laser line, and acquiring a 2D planar coordinate (x, y) of each pixel on the laser line in the flat image; computing, according a y-coordinate in the 2D planar coordinate, a y-coordinate of an intersection of the laser beam and the scanning platform, and an angle at the intersection of the laser beam and the scanning platform, and by means of a tangent function, a height of each pixel on the laser line, or an actual spatial height; computing actual spatial heights of all pixels on each laser line, or z coordinates, to obtain a 3D spatial curve of the laser line; constructing, using the curve, an actual 3D curved surface of the acquired book page; and flattening the 3D curved surface after pixel transformation to complete flattening of the book page.

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