Make: Electronics 3rd Edition Kit 1 & 2 Ultimate Deluxe Bundle Includes Book – Beginner Intermediate & Advanced Component Pack Follows The Experiments in Make: Electronics Third by Charles Platt

Price: $214.99
(as of Oct 08,2022 03:43:47 UTC – Details)

Rounding up all of the necessary components can be frustrating and time consuming, whereas we think learning electronics should be fun and exciting! The component shopping has been done so you can hit the ground running and complete ALL EXPERIMENTS in the 3rd edition book. Each of the components is clearly labeled for your convenience and easy access.

The ProTechTrader Ultimate Bundle includes:

(All components found in Deluxe Kit 1 and Economy Kit 2 for 3rd edition)
▪ Double-Sided Storage Organizer Case
▪ PDM631 Basic Multimeter
▪ 9V AC/DC Adapter
▪ 9V Battery
▪ 9V Snap Connector
▪ 30W Soldering Iron (110-120V)
▪ Solder
▪ Heat Shrink Tubing
▪ Solder-less Breadboard
▪ Perforated Boards
▪ 1 in. 8 Ohm Loudspeaker
▪ All Required Resistors and Capacitors
▪ Trimmer Potentiometers
▪ 3mm & 5mm Generic LEDs
▪ Glass Cartridge Fuses
▪ Transistors
▪ Test Leads with Alligator Clips
▪ Tactile & Slide Switches
▪ DPDT PCB Non-Latching relays
▪ Hookup Wire in Four Colors
▪ Multiple IC Chips
▪ 2in. Speaker
▪ Trimmer Potentiometers
▪ 7 Segment Display
▪ Cylindrical Magnets
▪ Voltage Regulator
▪ Piezo Crystal Earphone Bare Wire
▪ Arduino UNO Compatible Controller
▪ Arduino USB Cable

**PLEASE NOTE: This is the only kit that contains the book. All other kits (kit 1 economy, kit 1 deluxe, and kit 2) must purchase the book separately**

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